Sunday, 10 November 2013

My first blog in ages

The last time I wrote  a piece for my blog on this Sligo Rovers were the Champions of Ireland, Shelbourne were a Premier Division team, Rovers were a mid-table team, I had just moved into a new apartment and the weather was roasting. It's now November and everything has changed except for the part about Rovers.

The league title is back in Inchicore, and I was there to witness the Saints lift the trophy vs Derry City. I flew to Dublin on the Friday morning and flew back to Deutschland on the Monday. The celebrations went on throughout the night in the Red Cow Hotel with the players and fans and then to top it all off a match against a team with the biggest budget and worst manager in the league - the Scum.

I've been living in my new apartment since August now and we had the biggest party in the history of parties a few weeks ago just for people from our football team. Walls vibrating from the music, people climbing on top of shelves, people passed out on the couch/floor etc etc. The only downside was that someone got sick on our astro-turf bathroom floor. We're having a football team Christmas Party aswell at our place which promises to be bigger and better

Football for the first and second team has been going well also, I've scored three second team goals and one first team goal and managed to miss an 88th minute penalty in the Derby last week. We have a few more weeks of games and training before the Winter break when all the pitches our frozen over (astro turf bathroom will come in handy for Winter training) The league season will start back in March and there's talk of a training camp in Turkey in February which would be quality, if it works out to be too expensive we'll have another camp somewhere in Germany like last season.
My U9 team have finished playing matches for the Winter. We won 5 and lost 3 games and train in the hall now once a week. Our league and tournaments will start back again in January and hopefully the kids keep enjoying their football regardless of the result.

My next trip to Éire will be at Christmas, I have a 10am flight from Frankfurt the night after our work Christmas party which has a free bar. This will be a very very hard challenge to make this flight, first of all I have to make the train on time, secondly I won't be able to sleep on aformentioned train because I have to changeover at least twice, thirdly I won't be able to sleep on the flight because there's always a crying baby or someone at the window seat that has to go to the jacks every half an hour.

Until the next blog,
Champions of Ireland

Oh ye, I forgot to add, I went to Ireland vs Germany in Köln in October, a respectable performance saw the Irish lose 3-0, to all but end our slim chances of qualifying for the World Cup next year in Brazil.


  1. Schhhwiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnngggggggg! have you got your Schein Robbie?

  2. Ye I got them off Nico B. Ege in Konstanz