Wednesday, 5 June 2013

May: Champions

What a great month football-wise. FC06 won the league by 5 points, the Supersaints are top of the league and I got my new Patselona jersey.

So it's the Bezirksliga next season for FC06. We drew our second last game of the season at home to FC Thulba and thought we'd thrown it away, to find out that second place had lost so we went into the final game of the season 2 points clear. The final game was away to last place Burgwallbach. After a nervous opening we finally took the league, doubling it minutes later. They pulled one back and it was 2-1 at half time only for us to stretch our lead back to 2 goals straight after the interval. They pulled one back again 3-2 and once again we stretched our lead to two goals. Final score 4-2. As the final whistle went our Promotion t-shirts were given out, Champagne and Beer was brought onto the pitch by fans and the Promotion Party had started,with photographers getting photos for the next day's newspaper.

Our record at the end of the season was - Played: 28 Won: 17 Drew:7 Lost:4 Scored:67 Conceded 28 Points: 58

We have our official Championship Party this coming Saturday with fans, players and committee members.

2 days before claiming the league title it was my 25th birthday, and there's no better present than a 2-0 win away to Bohs. The Saints are top of the league and playing brilliant football. Not only have Barcelona copied our footballing style but they also stole the design of our Patselona jersey which has been re-launched since we first saw it in 2007. The draw for the Europa League is soon and once again I'm wondering where UEFA will send me, Hannover away last year was ideal. Would be great to win a trophy this season and I think it could happen with the likes of Lionel Forrester and Xavi Bolger in midfield. Don't worry Bohs, $hels and Scum fans, we'll send you a postcard from Europe.

Away from football, (at last says you), at the start of July I'll be moving into a new house with a friend from the football team, we were suppossed to move in a few weeks ago but it got delayed. The house is huge, 3 storeys high and will include a roof-top terrace and an astro-turf room in the basement to play football in Winter. It's right in the middle of the town and at the moment we're cleaning it up a bit and getting a new kitchen & bathroom built in.Hopefully the weather picks up and it will be BBQ's on the roof every evening.

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