Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Karneval, Football and Training for the Marathon

Finally the weather is starting to get warm again, as we get closer to Paddy's Day, which isn't celebrated very much in Deutschland, unlike Karneval or Mardi Gras as it's known in other countries.

The party started on the Thursday evening where I was dressed as a woman. The evening went well except for my wallet being stolen (they always pick on the women). Thankfully my cards were found but no wallet. The big party was on the Saturday and was organised by our football club. 7 of us from the team performed a dance to "Call On Me". We'd been practising for 4 weeks and we had all the moves in place and learned by the time the actual dance came along. There were some great costumes on show, and the dance went so well that we had to perform it for a second time.

Sunday evening was the last party, again I was in the same costume, dressed as a woman. (The costume was wrecked at this stage). It was in a huge hall 20 minutes walking from my apartment (40 mins n the way back). 
Monday was a day of recovery and time to start proper training for a marathon that I'm doing at the end of April, so I'm off the drink until then. 

The marathon course

The marathon is in Würzburg, and I've been slowly building up the kilometres, doing just over 16km yesterday. A long way away from the 42km that I'll be doing on the day. I'll be building the training up by 3km a week, eventually getting to 32km 2 weeks before the race. It's very hard to know what time I will do as I've never done a marathon before, don't know the course and don't know what the weather will be like. It's usually very warm over here at the end of April, well into the mid-20s. I'll be doing the marathon for charity. The Charity I have chosen is Pieta House - The Centre for the Prevention of Self-Harm or Suicide. Donations are very much appreciated for such a great cause and any donation no matter how small will help them greatly.
Just click on the following link to sponsor my run: http://www.mycharity.ie/event/robbie_osullivans_event/

Before the football season started back we had our annual football team Ski/Snowboard holiday in Austria. The snow was brilliant and the slopes were empty. We were staying in a hut on the mountain so we could literally get straight out of bed and onto the slopes. One of the days after we had finished we stayed in a bar a bit up the mountain from where we were staying. Of course the only way down to our hut was to ski/snowboard, and after one too many and visibility at "poor" it took ages.
Not feeling the best the next morning
We got a half day skiing in before  a 4 hour drive back to Bad Kissingen. Thankfully there were no injuries this year unlike last.
Last week the competitive football season started back. We had a 3 day training camp in a hotel two weeks ago to finish off our preparations and had our first league game of 2014 on the weekend. The first team drew 2-2 thanks to a 90th minute equaliser and the second team won 4-3 away thanks to a 93rd minute winner to really keep us in contention for promotion. (3 points off the top with a game in hand). Still a long way to go and we have to play both teams above us again in the league

At the moment I'm still doing the roofing and also studying for a CELTA teaching course that I will be doing in Dublin in June. I will be leaving here two and a half years after arriving in September 2011 and who knows where I will be this time next year. After doing the course, I'd like to teach in South America or Asia for a few years, and learn a new language, with Germany always there as an option if other continents don't work out.  So next year you will probably be reading the "Robbie in (insert country name here)" blog. After the month's course I'll be in Dublin for the summer following the Champions of Ireland try and win back to back league titles. The first two games that I will be back for are away to the Scum and away to Bohs! Two Dublin Derbys against mid-table opposition and hopefully a few more Keith Fahey wonderstrikes like his goal versus Sligo last week 

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