Wednesday, 8 January 2014

New Year New Me!!!!!

I hate when people say "New Year New Me". Nothing has changed except the calendar year.

That was a quality Christmas. Meeting old friends, going out celebrating the festive season most days and eating crap food everyday. The partys started in Germany just before my flight back to Ireland. We had our work Christmas party on the Friday evening and my flight back was Saturday morning. As I said in my last blog, I would be cutting it tight to make this flight. I was still in my town 2 hours after I was supposed to leave for the airport but made the flight thanks to a delay.

After arriving back it was straight out on the town with the 12 pubs in my squirrel jumper. To be honest most of the nights out are just one big blur so I don't know which was which.
I did the GOAL mile on Christmas Day which I've been doing for years, and did a respectable time of 5:40, which was good considering I was out in Dalkey the night before. I was so surprised with my Christmas present! A Pats jersey! Who would have thought!

The best part of the 2 weeks back in Éire was the trip to Kerry for the New Year's with the lads. A very well organised firework display (it was shite) got 2014 underway and we did a phantom countdown aswell.

The next night out in Dingle was good fun but I didn't know what was going on the next morning when I woke up with a sheep in my bedroom, on the 2nd floor. Don't worry though, he was brought back to the field he belonged to. I reckon that was the weirdest start to the year that the sheep had ever had. He was just a shadow of a sheep.

One bad thing about Dingle that is still annoying me is that the nightclub closed at 2:15 in the middle of a song. Don't know if that's a culchie thing or what.

I am now dying with a cold and have been for 3 days after one too any Bulmer's over the Christmas. They don't do Bulmer's over here so had to get them in while I had the chance. Still felt a bit jet-lagged on Sunday, I usually get up at 12 on Sundays but got up at 1 there the other day.

It was back to the norm though, with an U9 tournament on the Monday bank holiday. We finished a respectable 4th from 10 teams

Christmas: It's the thought that counts

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