Friday, 15 March 2013

Saint Patrick's Day Party 2012

With Saint Patrick's Day coming up I'm going to have a look back on last years Irish holiday and how I celebrated it in Deutschland.
Being an Irishman it was only appropriate to have a Saint Patrick's Day party. Last year it was on a Saturday, an ideal day for a party (when isn't an ideal day to be honest).

We'd had a game that afternoon and were ready to celebrate Paddy's Day in our clubhouse. The room was decorated with mini-Irish flags and balloons. A few Irish friends were at the party too, namely Guinness, Jameson, Bailey's and Kilkenny. They had a good time.

Preparation for the party started a week before. We bought the drink from an off-licence, in the shop they were looking at us like we were mad, because I don't think anyone buys crates of Guinness from there, usually just German beer. We then had to come up with our own price list. €2 for a Guinness or a Whiskey with Cola is a bargain in my books. Maybe we made the prices too cheap because 3/4 hours into the party everybody was enjoying themselves alot. 

Everyone was wearing green,  not necessarily anything to do with Éire, like the Deutschland away jersey, but still green, except for me in my red Saint Patrick's jersey. I tried to ban Shamrocks from the party because of their link with a certain League of Ireland team, but easier said than done. At least we won't be seeing any Shamrocks on the continent this year, after a 4th place finish.

By around 2am there were a few of us left, so it was off to the Disco in our Paddy's day costumes. Alot of people inside didn't know that it was Saint Patrick's day so didn't know why we were all wearing green and had tri-colour wigs on and an inflatable "Hammered by the Irish" hammer.

After the disco it was back to where the party had started to finish off what was left of the Whiskey. The next thing I remember is waking up on the table to a knock on the door from one of the guys on the second team asking if we can play for them because they are short on numbers. We decided to play, which was the worst idea ever. The room was in some mess the next day with the music still playing and green confetti and balloons all over the floor. All in all everyone seemed to have a great time drinking the Irish brew while listening to songs by the Pogues, Paddy Eccles and the Dubliners for the night.

We are having another party this year to celebrate St Pat's Day 2013. Although Paddy's Day is a Sunday we are going to celebrate from Saturday night into Sunday morning. For one night in the year only Bad Kissingen is Irish! Like last year, we have the drink bought and the decorations hung up. There's no football this weekend because of the snow so tomorrows party can start early afternoon and finish early into the morning, and hopefully this year I get a bigger table to sleep on. Then Sunday (the actual day Paddy's Day is on) will be a day of Lent in which I won't eat anything.

Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig oraibh.

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