Sunday, 31 March 2013

Future in BK, Paddy's Day '13 and Easter

I started teaching here in September 2011 and at the end of May I will be finished. It was only a 2 year teaching course and I was lucky to get the second year in the same place to be honest. I would like to stay here and am currently looking for other jobs, specifically with something to do with languages or teaching. If I can't stay here then there are plenty of other opportunities in Deutschland especially in cities such as Frankfurt, München etc.

I could move back to Ireland but I don't think there would be many job opportunities and if I stay here I can keep improving my German. You can never be too good at a foreign language, there's always room for improvement.

In my last blog I talked about St Patrick's Day 2012. Well this year's Paddy's Day was also a huge success with everyone having fun, drinking Guinness and listening to Irish music.The party lasted just as long as last year's. I just hope I'll be here in BK to celebrate it in 2014.

The football is going well also. After two draws in our first two games of 2013 we needed a win which came yesterday against the team in 3rd place,TSV Nordheim, which lifts us above them and another team and into second. We are three points off the top and have a big derby tomorrow away to FC Thulba who are 1 point behind us. We are three points off the league leaders with a game in hand. So there's still a lot to play for between now and the end of May. Our aim at the start of the season was promotion and to achieve that would be brilliant. The league season for my U9's starts back again in the next few weeks once the sun comes out, which as always will be enjoyable and here's hoping there's a few mini Keith Fahey's in the making!

I'm currently a week through my 2 week Easter holiday and it's still snowing,although it reached a sweltering 9C at one stage last week. After spending most of the holiday either training, watching Father Ted or roofing it will be nice to get back to the teaching again. 

After last summer's footballing holiday at Euro 2012 it will be another summer of football again as Ireland's European Club are once again in the Europa League. I'm praying for a team in mainland Europe so I can just hop on a train and to the match. Somewhere like Luxembourg would be ideal, but we'll probably be drawn to a team from Iceland...again. Last season's draw away to Hannover was perfect. 4 hour train from here.

Anyway, have a good Easter and don't eat too much chocolate, like I have. I got a pack if six crunchies in the post off my 2nd favourite Aunty, Maureen. 4 of them eaten already. Have to do with German tea though, ran out of my box of Barry's which lasted well over year. German tea just isn't the same while dippin a crunchie in. (I think it's only an Irish thing to send chocolate in the post!)

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  1. My sister sent me a Crunchie in the last envelope I got from home. I practically inhaled it! It was gone before I even finished reading the birthday card.