Monday, 25 February 2013

17 Months in B.K.City

After 17 months of living in Germany's capital city, Bad Kissingen, I've decided to start writing a blog. With the snow cancelling the football and the fact that I now have proper internet after months of using a Vodafone stick with limited internet access,  I now feel this is an appropriate time to start a blog.

If I were to write about everything that I have done in 17 months this wouldn't be a blog, it'd be an autobiography so I'll try and sum up my time in Bad Kissingen in a few paragraphs.

After applying to become an assistant teacher in Germany I was expecting to be allocated Munich, Stuttgart or a town/city that I had heard of. I got a letter to say I would be teaching in two schools in Bad Kissingen, the most famous Spa and health resort in Germany. I'm almost a year and a half here and I can't say I'm any healthier now than when I arrived but I am more of a Spa. 

Teaching went well anyway, the craic was had and the students learnt about League of Ireland football and Irish culture. After finishing my first year of teaching in May 2012, I applied for a second year with little optimism that I'd get the same town. Thanks to some help from friends and the town council I'm still here, teaching in a different school. 

As well as teaching, which I do three days a week, I'm also working as a roofer on Thursday and Friday. The difficult part isn't the roofing it's the weather. From over 30C in the summer to -15C in the winter, and after 8 hours of being on a roof, I honestly count down the hours until I can go home and just get into the shower for  about a half an hour.

I don't want to write too much in my first blog, so in my next blog I'll talk about playing football, coaching a youth team and being the only Irishman in B.K. City

P.S. I've added a translation tool at the top for my German friends and friends living in the Gaeltacht

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